I know it seems like I'm upset

hey there I'm Josh,19, single, and this is my blog, I'm wildly mediocre

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Anonymous asked: Can I come over and watch Disney and take a seat on your face??

You may

Anonymous asked: Hey nice ear lobes wanna fuck?

Haha uh okay

Had a good weekend with good people

Anonymous asked: What are you doing

Put lotion on because I sun burnt my entire torso

Anonymous asked: I appreciate you being in my life

Thank you your welcome?





A few outrageous cosplays




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Anonymous asked: Most silicone is such a low quality, and it creates micro tears in the ear lobe. And Oh trust me I know Acrylic is bad ESPECIALLY in an unhealed lobe. But cheers to you for knowing your stuff! I'm glad there are still people like you.

Thank you for appreciating it :) you made my night

Anonymous asked: YES THANK YOU, I try telling people but everyones like "nope I just want big lobes now" and they all regret it. Some guy I know used fucking acrylic tapers all the way to an inch it makes me cringe.

Acrylic? Fucking gross that holds so much bacteria! Ive heard of my friends using electrical tape on tapers and ripping the inside of their ears :/ or silicone plugs that are a size bigger so they just “pop up to the next size” and in reality fuck their ears in less than 2 seconds, I Donno I use bondage tape and actually wait unlike a ton of people

Anonymous asked: Your lobes look so healthy, do you know how happy that makes me to finally see a person with NICE lobes. I could squeeze you.

I preach healthy lobes, no tapers after 0g, emu oil to improve elasticity and healing in your ears, not skipping sizes or stretching too soon, and yet nobody listens, thank you for knowing your shit

Anonymous asked: How did your dermal fall out?!!!!!!!?????!!

I don’t even know but the top piece unscrewed so I’m getting a new one tomorrow

For anon, no plugs?

Anonymous asked: Post a picture with no plugs in?

Alright, my dermal fell out too so barely any piercings, gimme a sec

Anonymous asked: what are the reasons you would keep an ex on Facebook?

Why the fuck do you care honestly

Anonymous asked: Are you friends with your most recent ex

I would say no

Anonymous asked: I'm looking for a guys point of view on my current situation. I work with this guy who may or may not be really flirty with me the only reason I can't tell is because I'm 17 and he's 24 it's hard to tell if he's just being nice. I know he is single for sure so that's not an issue. I have no problem being with an older guy but is it weird when guys go after younger girls? Would you go for a younger girl?

Personally I am only nineteen so If I went for a girl with the same age difference you two have I would be going for a twelve year old which is not cool in my books, but considering you’re both a little older it isn’t terrible, I don’t know I honestly think, at least where I am, guys do go for younger girls, it may have something to do with the fact that women typically mature faster than men ergo an older guy may be at a closer maturity level as a slightly younger girl…. Whatever I don’t know, honestly none of that really matters because if he is being flirty and you’re down with the idea of persuing the flirtatiousness and allowing it to develops into something more I see nothing wrong with it…. In short if you’re comfortable with it and so is he then what’s the problem?