I know it seems like I'm upset

hey there I'm Josh,19, single, and this is my blog, I'm wildly mediocre

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were u not hugged as a child

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i found my new favorite twitter

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Attempting to be cute

Anonymous asked: How is your quest young sir

Pft quest I don’t know what yore talking about

Anonymous asked: why don't people just fuck off about your ex the past is the past, you two are moving on so why can't your followers?

Finally someone else said it, thank you

Anonymous asked: Did u ask ur ex to sit on your face

I didn’t ask anyone to sit on my face, and on too of that no it was not my ex

Anonymous asked: Lets ride elephants together!



A+ parenting courtesy of the Turner family

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Anonymous asked: Can I come over and watch Disney and take a seat on your face??

You may

Anonymous asked: Hey nice ear lobes wanna fuck?

Haha uh okay

Had a good weekend with good people

Anonymous asked: What are you doing

Put lotion on because I sun burnt my entire torso

Anonymous asked: I appreciate you being in my life

Thank you your welcome?





A few outrageous cosplays




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Anonymous asked: Most silicone is such a low quality, and it creates micro tears in the ear lobe. And Oh trust me I know Acrylic is bad ESPECIALLY in an unhealed lobe. But cheers to you for knowing your stuff! I'm glad there are still people like you.

Thank you for appreciating it :) you made my night